New release of the COLLISION debut album coming soon – "We Are Dust In The Centre Of Existence" will be released in limited quantity of 100 pieces.
Limited edition is released in cooperation with WYDAWNICTWO MUZYCZNE PSYCHO!!!
Mix of thrash & death metal can be found in this album. Windfall for DEATH, CYNIC, KREATOR, OBSCURA, NECROPHAGIST fans.
Album consist of 9 songs own arrangement. In limited edition of COLLISION album you will find:
- CD DIGI - COLLISION – "We Are Dust In The Centre Of Existence"
- COLLISION & Wydawnictwo Muzyczne PSYCHO - METAL BROOCH
We strongly recommend you to listen to new release of COLLISION debut!!!!


10th number of "Tribal Convictions" zine is just around corner! Fanzine written by fan, for other fans of heavy sounds, distorted guitars, beautiful women and cold beer.
Whole will be written in Polish, at least it was assumption haha. Like it already happened, everything will be published profesionally and once again, for graphic design will be responsible one of the best Polish graphic designers in metal scene - Bartek Kurzok. Inside, among others you will find interviews with KROWNN, HORDES OF THE BLACK CROSS, SOLOTHUS, KRYPTS, WEAK ASIDE, THE OLD CRONE, GUC RECORDS, SANCTIFYING RITUAL, and Marcin from MYTHRONE PROMOTION.
Besides that in zine you will find some suprising, editiorial debut, but later about it. As always we will also have above 100 reviews of underground music and press...
which is everything what's needed by real maniacs!


From now you can order debut album: WARFIST - "The Devil Lives in Grünberg" - first hundres CDs with unique and limited WARFIST pin!!

Please, write for you copy here: sales @


The ninth number Tribal Convictions'zine  is sold out!

I'm pleased to inform you that the last, The ninth number Tribal Convictions'zine  is sold out! Thank you for your interest, support the underground press and especially my zine! Work on the jubilee tenth number has been ongoing for two months! More details about the new issue soon!



"The Devil Lives in Grünberg" is a debut full-lenght of degenerates from Warfist hailing from Zielona Góra. Expect nothing but the filthy, foul and blasphemous mixture of blackened thrash metal with a rock'n'roll feeling, which was band's trademark on their previous releases. Album contains 11 songs of pitch black old school in vein of old Bathory, Sodom, Venom or Motörhead. It is embellished by the artwork of Igor Myszkiewicz, artist hailing from Zielona Góra, which shows the band's hometown from its dark and unknown side. Because the Devil lives in Grünberg!

More info soon!!!



New mcd in Wydawnictwo Muzyczne Psycho.

Premiere 14.02.2014 r.

Debut mcd of the best polish oldschool death metal band finally out! "Tales of Death" consists of four shots in the vein of the best ancient european death metal, recommended for all true maniax of early Entombed, Grave, Bolt Thrower, Morgoth!

More info soon!!

Check promo clip:


The first 100 pieces, along with a poster and badge with the logo of the band. 9,00 euro + shipping cost. You can also order same CD for 7 euro + shipping cost.

OLDSCHOOL DEATH METAL - for real maniacs of Bolt Thrower, Grave, Asphyx, Benediction, Entombed or Dismember! Orders can be placed by e-mail.


Here they are! Excellent, high quality t-shirts with the theme from the new MASS BURIAL album. Double-sided printing! Only for real maniacs! There are also available T-shirts with the logo of MORT DOUCE. Also still available Hazael t-shirts and sweatshirts. Order can be made via e-mail. Limited edition - first come first served!


52 pages full of interviews and other stuff in proffesional published zine just waiting for you! Inside the zine you will find interviews with RANCID FLESH (Br), OFFENCE, MASTABAH, ARMA CHRISTI, DEATHMARCHED (Fin), RAGEHAMMER, TRENCHROT (USA), DEATHSTORM, PUNISHMENT18 RECORDS, MOLOCH LETALIS and ONE SURPRISE INTERVIEW! With this issue you will get a third part of TRIBAL CONVICTIONS'ZINE ASSAULT compilation released on pro-cdr.

Zine + pro-cdr = 15 PLN + 6,50 PLN for shipping cost. You can order it here - sales(at)


Tape is ready now! Professional performance (no homade!). Red tape, black print, insert and sealed! No amateur! A true underground for real maniacs! On tape we have almost 60 minutes of real underground, where we can listen to known and premiere songs of both, new and known bands. This tape is real feast for every maniac fascinated with scene from 80/90 years. Great graphic design was made by no one else but Bartek Kurzok, who is known by everyone from co-operation with such bands as MESMERIZED, DEATHSTORM, ABIGAIL, HORDES OF THE BLACK CROSS and dozen of others.



01. MORT DOUCE - Treatment by Decapitation
02. HELLSPAWN - Diabolic
03. OFFENCE - Revenge is Significant
04. HERETIQUE - Putrescent Society
05. DEATHSTORM - Victims Of Mental Enslavement
06. ETHELYN - Heritage Of Puma Punku
07. SNAKE EYES - Rumble

01. INFERNAL DEATH - Paragraf 148
02. CENTURION - Gateways To Condemnation
03. ARMA CHRISTI - Infected Soul
04. MESMERIZED - Eternal Solitude
05. MASS BURIAL - Unit 731
06. INSEPULTO - Misanthropic
07. HYPERIAL - Of Concrete And Ash Age
08. MORT DOUCE - Hemophobical Fear

TAPES: 3Euro, 7US$, 12,50 PLN

All prices are without shipping cost. Please, ask about shipping costs!!! Postage is depends on weight and destination.



So now you can order a cap for winter. 100% acrylic. Perfectly fit for every head. Elegant, warm, stylish cap for the winter. Color black with embroidered white logo Wydawnictwo Muzycznege PSYCHO. Limit to 50 pieces. 5 euro + shipping cost. First come, first served! For more information send me an email.


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